Last day in Ypres

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Last day in Ypres for the OSG, with a visit to In Flanders Fields museum. This is the last piece of the puzzle for our pupils, who have a heavy task ahead of them today: writing their essay on Citizenship & War Literature.

After all they have learned, read, composed, seen and done concerning World War I and war in general, what are their views with regards to the importance of putting a sensitive subject such as war on the curriculum, and how does this fit in with their own views on citizenship?


This is the central question they are tasked to answer in a thousand word essay, using all their knowledge and experience, quoting from the World War I book they have read, as they sit down in Ypres’ cafes, museum or back in the hostel and set to work.

And as they finish their last words, setting them down to paper, it gives both them and their teachers an enourmous sense of pride. What hard work they have deliverd, what an achievement!

These pupils have excelled academically, reciting and presenting their war poem in the field, each writing a thousand word citizenship essay to boot. But perhaps more importantly, their mentors have seen them achieve incredible social growth, in the way they interact with their teachers, each other and the locals.

With a final wave back to Belgium we enjoy a last meal together before we make it back to our beloveds in Hoorn.

Your teachers are proud of you. Many thanks from us and thanks to these heroes themselves, who stood side by side with you in rain and shine, through all the tears and smiles.